War, aggression, destruction / islamic rule of Iran – Abbas Mansuran

Forough[i] poetry, properly sung:

“These successive explosions,

and poisonous clouds,

Are they echoes of holy verses”?

  The real war is going on in Iran as a civil war; the war between the governments of Israel and Iran and the proxies of the Islamic government is a cover for the civil war, and it will have a historical end. A war in which, on one side, the Islamic government armed with the most destructive weapons and mass murder, and on the other side, the people of work and toil and the disarmed slaves of capital and its policies, have taken a front in the vastness of Iran. A war that is a continuation of politics; A policy for the rule of the ruling and oppressive capitalistic relations against the resistance for self-righteousness. On the one hand, the deidentification of human beings and, on the other hand, the resistance to identity are facing each other. The vanguard of the current historical struggle is women, with self-awareness arising from thousands of years of negation and denial of women’s identity. Women in the history of slavery and slavery in history, by private property and goods and the ideologies of these relationships, especially political theology, and especially Abrahamic and more anti-human religions, pure Islam, are negated and denied, violated, assaulted, owned, and have been taken over

The galactic costs of this war are on the shoulders of workers and women, and all direct and indirect producers are displaced and become trapped in capitalist relations. The destruction of the earth and the ecosystem, the life and environment as the common properties of humans and every living thing on the earth, and the soil of the moon and Mars is also a part of the costs of such an invasion and war-mongering of the ruling relations.

The establishment of the Islamic government in 1979 as the necessity of such relations and its sustainability. The world of capital, in the 1970s, with the approach of the new world order, globalization, neoliberalism, monetary capital, speculation, the transfer of the production cycle to the production of warfare and star wars, to the Islamic government, the Taliban and al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi, Hashd al-Shaabi, and other proxies of both roots and beards needed war tools.

China and Russia had become actual rivals after the Cold War, and Russian neo-tsarism was becoming a world conqueror and world-scorcher under the Eurasian banner of its fascist ideologue, Alexander Dugin, and the Chinese Empire. The geography of the Middle East had become the axis of transformation and the war front of the blocs. NATO, like an imperialist military alliance, had to be structured into an offensive force, and dozens of countries, especially ex-Russian satellites, to the extent that Sweden who had declared neutrality in the war for more than a hundred years, and made Finland its military allies.

  According to this order, Palestine should remain under occupation, just as Kurdistan has been torn apart, destroyed bloody, and oppressed since the Treaty of Lausanne a century ago until now.

Hamas’s attack on kibbutzim and the destruction, killing, and rape, kidnapping of migrant workers, women, children, teenagers, and the elderly, on October 7, 2023, was a genocide that should have been carried out with the support of the Islamic government of Iran. This was a proxy attack by those who financed and supplied the weapons, terrorist training, and killing, and all its costs, which were being stolen from the throats of the labor forces and the hunger in Iran. This invasion of Jewish community of Khaybar in 628 CE, Bani Qurayzah, Nahavand and Jalulaın ancıent of Iran by Islam was a heavenly gift for the racist, occupying, religious and ultra-right government of Israel. Netanyahu, immersed in political and social crises in the company of racists and cannibalistic rabbis, like the ruling ayatollahs in Iran, made the attack of Hamas a flag to create crimes in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine.

The Islamic government of Iran, on behalf of the aggressor governments of Russia and China, supported the military, economic, and advisory logistics of this terrorist attack. The war in Ukraine should have gone to the shadows so that Russia would have the opportunity to occupy, destroy, rebuild the military and breathe more, and the ruling oligarchy in Russia under the leadership of Putin would overcome the internal political, military, and economic crises, and Putin would once again sit in the empire, eliminate the domestic competitors and Chinese imperialism, still a volcanic dragon, will sweep and swallow the world from the bottom of the seas to the plains and mountains and create scorched earth.

In the meantime, the Islamic government of Turkiye, led by Taıeb Erdoğan, every day with hundreds of drones, bomber attacks, and ground bombings, high- handedly destroying the small global geography but brilliant and praiseworthy autonomous North-East of Syria (Rojava) and putting into fire and ashes. Fascists have continued these genocide attacks for more than 7 months, day and night until now; all centers and sources of energy, water, hospitals, life infrastructure, and people’s metabolism, from health and treatment and schools, kindergartens, production and cultivation centers, and academies. Turkish army and its ISSIS have put the self-governing community, women, and the youth,  and have brought fire and blood, and the fascistic attack to the Federation of the Wounded of the Freedom 12-Year War, and leaders like the commander of the liberation of Kubani in 2014, the revolutionary woman, Sorxvin Rojhelat of Mako, alongside her colleague were killed by Turkish drones in the center of the Federation of the Wounded in Qamishlo. Fascists will destroy and kill Rojava with the help of their ISIS Islamic bandits and bombard the mountains and the shelters of the guerrillas with chemical bombs, lest Rojava becomes the model of a self-governing Middle East; the world should remain silent with their closed eyes and ears and be trapped by a deviation tactic to Gaza, watch, and be entertained. These are just some of the reasons for the terrorist attacks by the Islamic governments of Iran, Turkey, Russia, China, Israel, and alliances, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah on behalf of the aforementioned necessities.

From the very beginning in 1979, the Islamic government of Iran announced the legitimacy of its existence and establishment with the slogan of the destruction of Israel and not the liberation of Palestine and the refugees, and neither the transformation of Israel’s sovereignty nor the policies of this sovereignty. This was deceitful and permissible Islamic taqiyya from the Quran (Allowing hide one’s beliefs) policy, because in the war against the people of Iraq, with the aim of perpetuating and consolidating Islamic rule, with military support and the provision of weapons (brokered by Mohsen Rafiq Doostha, Yakub Nimroudi, Manouchehr Ghorbanifar, Adnan Qashkhachih) needed by the Ayatollah’s war machinery. The 8-year diversionary war with Iraq was being waged by Israel. Trita Parsi poor, in the ranks of Islamic State lobbies in America, the head of Nayak’s lobby at the time, in the book “Treacherous Alliance” confirms the meeting of the heads of the Islamic State with the Israelis, including the former president, Hassan Rouhani (Ferydoun), Manouchehr Ghorbanfar (arms dealer). He admits: “With the mediation of the Israelis, the Iranians bought the Tau anti-tank missile from the Americans.”

The direct participation of the Israeli army in attacking centers in Iraq, the sale and supply of the extensive needs of strategic weapons of the Islamic regime of Iran, intelligence support for the benefit of the Islamic regime, brokering the purchase of American weapons, and participating and brokering the sale of Iranian oil in the world markets and there have been intelligence and espionage supports. The simultaneous bombings of Iraqi military centers by Israel were only a part of this inhumans relationship.

All of these, until now, have all been due to the necessity of perpetuating the slavery and villainous relations of capitalism and Islamic government and all kinds of governments in the East and the West.

  In the year 2022, the people’s uprising was transformed into an unprecedented and glorious movement, which has been going on and on until now, in various ways and forms. The Islamic State’s war against this movement is a war that is being covered by the attacks of Hamas and rockets and drones across Israel and the “Aqsa Storm” operation by Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Islamic Jihad on October 7 and “Wad Sadiq” by Islamic regime on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Israel’s attack on the Islamic State’s war headquarters in Damascus, under the guise of a consulate that neither had a consul nor a client in it. In such a war headquarters, the first-rank commanders of the Quds Force and the coordinators of the forces of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas Houthi, and Syria in Damascus had plans and executive orders for a devastating war and mass killing on the table. Razing such a war headquarters and neutralization to the ground is the first preventive option for a government that faces the destruction of its entire land every moment and has been hearing about its destruction from the Islamic government and its proxies for more than 45 years.

  In this scenario, some of the external and internal traditional leftists went to the pulpit of resistance to the Islamic government, and some sat down and, in practice, decorated the central government and the “axis of resistance” of the Islamic government with Iranian nationalism. Just like the followers of royal monarchists, they are left the insolvent followers rubbing their foreheads against the Western Wall(Kosel Wall), wanting to attack until after the destruction of Iran, they will come down to replace them as Sadam’s fall.

The “resistance pulpit” near the “resistance axis”, the eyes and ears of their moldy minds on the reverberation of the death sounds of the “holy” terrorism verses of the order of the “Light” operation on Saturday, April 13, 2024, for invasion, assault, rape and captivity Girls and women stood up. Khamenei had issued a fatwa on the civil war. Under the guise of bombing Israel, the leaders of the Islamic government ordered at least five military forces, Civil clothes, special units, police forces, and hijab guards, with white and black vans, and the military order to occupy the streets.

  Seyyed Ali Khamenei sent his forces to the field at the headquarters of the IRGC and his fascist partners, at the same time as “Vad Sadiq” ordered his 300-van missile and drone attack on the whole of Israel, which became the laughingstock of the world. This attack, at the same time, was a preventive attack in fear of the eruption of the uprising and the return and capture of the streets by the rebels, as well as a desperate attempt to recoup the achievements of the revolutionary movement of 2022.

The plan of “punishment” by Ayatollah, whose wealth was estimated by Reuters in 2013 to be “nearly 95 billion dollars.” In 2019, it was estimated at more than two hundred billion dollars, which his disciples sang in praise:

»Leader: He doesn’t have a villa… he has a house/ his house has a throne instead of a carpet/ and a rug and a few pieces of sky/ everything is simple/ like Zahra’s house/ like Hossein’s tent/ and Imam Khomeini’s Hosseiniyeh has/ and it has a cover/ and A cane whose wood is from the Tuba tree/and an injured hand that has its roots in “Kaf al-Abbas”!

  And they didn’t say that he has all endowments and Astan- e-Quds… and is a partner in the theft of all the brothers of the armed robbers in looting the entire existence of the people and the derangement of the workers and the overseas investors and the sea of oil, gas, gold and… he whose brain is “imperfect and “psychotic” once again ordered the suppression and rape and assault on women: “Hijab is a religious obligation; whether you accept it or not, you must comply.” It was the venomous arrogance of the bloodthirsty being who had claimed: “I am not an expert.”

Now, the war, labor strikes, protest meetings, public protests, lawsuits for overthrowing the uprising, nationwide resistance with regional organizers, and street-by-street continue. In Iran, the ruins of destruction and poverty, crisis, inflation, and death are falling, Sistan and Baluchistan are underwater, bloody victims are rolling in their own blood on the rocks and pillars of Kurdistan, and those who burn fuel are burning in the flames of fuel, and the physical and psychological damage of nationwide chemical attacks To the girls, still unrecovered, brave and rebel women, with empty hands, in defense of human honor and dignity, shielded their chests with government zombies, and the heads of the IRGC and Khamenei House crawled in the shelters and announcing the death order.

As the Iran Pensioners Council announced in a statement on Thursday, April 29, 2024,

“War against women is a declaration of war against life, woman, Freedom!”

Women’s revolutionary movement, Woman, Life, Freedom! is an unstoppable movement. The Islamic government’s war against the people and the resistance under the guise of a covert war with Israel is accelerating its overthrow.

Abbas Mansuran

18 April 2024


[i]Forugh Farrokhzad ( 28 December 1934 – 14 February 1967) was an influential Iranian poet, was a controversial modernist poet and an iconoclastic feminist author who died in a car accident at the age of 32.

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