Statement by the conference; Genocide in Gaza where does the Women rights movement stand?

We express our deepest concern for the plight of more than 2 million people in Gaza, who are at the verge of starvation and more slaughter at the hands of Israel and with complete support of the US and the Western ruling class.

We strongly condemn the genocide that has been taking place in Gaza for nearly 6 months, resulting in 32000 deaths including 13000 children, many injured and disappeared. For the first time in history, this mass-slaughter has been well-documented, ironically by the victims of the genocide.

We demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, immediate humanitarian aid, the return of the displaced and rebuilding of the destroyed communities.

We stand with the people of Palestine. We call on all progressive, freedom-seeking and egalitarian movements and organisations in the world, particularly workers’ and women’s rights organisations, to take a strong position on the side of justice and humanity; on the side of people of Palestine. This is a historic moment, when our words and actions matter. In the real world, keeping silence will mean standing with the aggressor, with the murderer, with the oppressor.

We live in a dire situation. Civil rights are under vicious attack by the governments; censorship of the opposing voice, silencing the dissent and banning protests are becoming commonplace in the West. Defending Justice in a broader sense of the term becomes a social and moral responsibility of all decent human beings.

We call on the world to fight for justice for the people of Palestine. The solution of the Palestinian question is the most pressing issue of our time.

Israel and the West must be condemned for their brutality, cruelty, propaganda and lies. The world has seen through the mask of lies and deception.

25 March 2024

Dalala AbdelGani, writer

Evelyne Accad, Lebanon;

 Homa Arjomand, the International Campaign for One Secular School System-Iran;

Soad Baba Aissa, Feminist Laique;

Aouicha Bekhti, Algeria;

Buthina canaan khoury, film maker, Palestine-West Bank;

Maria Hagberg, international women’s rights activist and author- Sweden;

 Keto Kurtskhalis, Caucasian Feminist Institute;

Azar majedi, President of Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran;

Chafia Outerbach, Feminist Laique;

 Halaleh Taheri, Executive Director of Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation

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