“Every moment, a new fruit arrives from this garden”, “Iran labor confederation package” – Abbas Mansouran

But what was brought to the market recently to announce the establishment of a labor confederation of Iran will face the class-conscious reaction of the labor-socialist movement in Iran, and it will not benefit those involved. “Iranian Labor Confederation” is a comedy within a closet; it is both a joke and taken out of a wooden closet, hoping to test another diversionary effort. Just like the packaged samples years ago, despite the efforts and enormous costs of spending, they faced and were rejected by the overwhelming reactions of the activists of the labor and socialist movement in Iran and outside of Iran. In the absence of the working class and the labor movement in Iran, they call themselves the representatives of the working class of Iran by choosing the name “Iranian Labor Confederation.” In the most optimistic state, if it had the slightest honesty and responsibility, it could call itself a “human rights” group or even a syndicalist, or a supporter of labor unions, and why not a sympathizer of European-American yellow labor unions or any other name except “Iranian Labor Confederation” and not the confederation (federations) of the labor class of Iran! Such an action is an attack and arrogance on the field of the militant workers’ movement in Iran. It is an insult to hundreds of imprisoned, brave, and conscious workers’ representatives, who either murdered and were hanged in the torture chambers of the Islamic regime or are still fighting and resisting until the end of their lives for their freedom labor-socialist ideals.

The packaged project, standing behind the organizers of the glorious strikes of Haft tape sugar cane complex, Ahvaz Steel, Iron Smelter, mines, oil and gas workers, teachers and all educators band organizations and nurses, labor retirees, and… underground labor strike committees, assembly of representatives, general assembly of workers all over Iran and the council approach of the labor movement the project is considered a condemned action. The advertisement and the sensational news of the formation of the new project by the capitalist opposition media, pro-western Malti capitals, and such propagandist media were watched very clumsily.

 One of its spokespersons of “Confederation” is a member of the city council of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, without the slightest familiarity with the simplest terms and everyday concepts of the labor movement in the propaganda of the right-wing opposition media of capitalist Wright wings Iran International TV in London, introduced “Confederation” and its goals, as follows:

 “We are several labor activists and civil activists abroad. We are from abroad of the country” and: “Those who formed this confederation were a large number of labor fighters who have just come abroad; In addition to those who were already there and we wanted to consolidate this individuality and gather it in a confederation so that we can be more of the voice of Iranian workers, employees and teachers.” And “in addition, recognition by labor unions to Instead of the (Islamic regime) representatives, we should go to the International Labor Organization. It is revealed that the fake name “Confederation” was chosen to gain the support of the yellow trade unions of other countries and to join the tripartite group in the name of Iran’s working class.

The dissolution of Iran’s labor movement in the melting pot of labor – capital compromises reformist trade unions. It is even more funny that, despite the statement of its spokesperson, who calls this scenario “the number of labor and civic activists abroad…”, it has set its second goal to enter the International Labor Organization, which is the tripartite body of government-employer-yellow trade unions, to replace the Yellow Union. Anti-labor in Germany, instead of the delegation of representatives of the Islamic regime, “go there.” The chairman of this “ all Iranian labor federations,” in the propaganda of Iran International TV, read the goals of the fake project of the involved parties as follows:

“More serious communication with activists and different sectors of the labor force inside Iran,” “trustworthy and very transparent transmission of their demands and demands of activists and different sectors of the labor force inside Iran to the international community,” and “Unification of labor activists abroad.” In this declaration, Mr. Fawad Kikhosravi, “member of the board of directors of the Free Union of Iranian Workers,” which is a controversial sect, was introduced as “the chairman of the board of directors of the Confederation of Iranian Labor,” i.e., federations and unions of trade unions of Iran which never had existed!

This project suddenly took place in Germany on Saturday, 224 Feb 2024, in a meeting in a room of the German Workers’ Union (DGB) and with the support of the Ebert Foundation (the last chancellor of the German Empire- And they y took their elephant into the air. In this show, seven-eight commissions were formed, which is only one labor clause: “addressed to workers and employees and Iranians abroad…” and all of them are in line with the bourgeois standards of right-wing social democrats, neoliberal German imperialism, and from this oof views are also supported. This name itself and the people on the stage, as well as the lobbies, the yellow union of DGB, and other tripartite unions, and the causes of the people behind this project, all represent the goals, the nature, and the non-labor and reformist approach of this scenario.

 As the people behind the scenes of this scenario are revealed one after the other, the nature and goals of this non-labor causes and rejected approach will soon become more apparent. Let’s start with its name: “Iranian Labor Confederation,” which in its true meaning must be a body of the unions of several federations. The federation itself is formed from the union of several unions, and each union is formed from gathering of several unions or labor organizations. The suffix “Iranian labor” should express the class concept of labor against capital. Therefore, this fake name of “CIL” attacks the idea of real class and the labor movement. Regarding DGB, it should be mentioned that this yellow union, as a labor base and the social democrats of German imperialism, has so far refused any support for the uprisings of Dec. 2017 and Oct. 2019 and the current revolutionary movement and labor struggles in Iran. This union and other reformist organizations of the capitalist world in Canada, America, France, etc., are not trying to promote the labor movement’s growth, dynamism, militancy, and councilorism but are organizing yellow labor organizations in the name of labor and the working class.

The trade unions and other reformist organizations of the capitalist world in Canada, America, France, etc., are trying to form and support the yellow labor organizations in the name of labor class against growth, dynamism, and militancy and the council approaches. DGB and other supporters of this so-called new project stand up to rein the dynamism of militancy of the labor movement in Iran by playing hand and heart, on the one hand, by educating and promoting the tendency of trade unionism and not class camp. They try to curb this militant movement, on the other hand, by strengthening syndicalism-reformism after the overthrow of the Islamic regime. This project stands against the labor class council’s approach. The actors, lobbyists, and supporters of this scenario, by abusing the conditions of repression and suffocation in Iran, deny the current struggle of the labor class in Iran, who are fighting against oppression and are in every day strikes and gatherings on the streets and workplaces. In contrast, the field representatives of the labor movement, with initiative and experience, deal with the class organization and a variety of class struggles, strikes, protests, and demands in current movements and the revolutionary era of this revolutionary movement in Iran, disturbing projects are rising in Germany and appear in the name of labor class to establish tripartite organizations, and stagnant trade unions to play a role in preventing the class-council approaches, class consciousness to reach and compromise with the government-employer and capitalist. In the most optimistic assessment, syndicalism and reformism against labor-class organizations are the goals of such an approach, even though they appear comical.

Abbas Mansouran

 February 24-2024


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